My Team Predictor

What will YOUR favourite team do in a calendar month?


Select 7

Predict result AND score of 7 pre-selected games


Last Man Standing

Can you predict a different team each week to win 1 game – Knockout competition


Scorers and Savers

Pick 1 team to score one week, and one team NOT to concede the following week – Knockout competition


Yellow Card Bingo

Pick your own bingo numbers, players getting booked come off it


League Predictor

Just predict where you think EVERY team will finish in the premiership


Sweet 16

Just predict which teams will score EXACTLY 16 goals


Super Savers

Pick as many teams as you want from a list, but they all MUST NOT concede a single goal


First Scorer Roulette

One match, who will score first….multiple choices and bets available

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