Our Games on the APP (in development)

My Team Predictor
Pick the results & scores of YOUR team for a calendar month
Select 7
Choose the correct result of 7 random matches (multipliers apply)
Last Man Standing
Select 1 team each week that HAS to win, but then that team comes off your list
(a knockout competition)
Scorers & Savers
Pick 1 team to score, and 1 team not to concede, not as easy as it sounds
(a knockout competition)
Yellow Card Bingo
One of our most popular games. you pick your own 9 numbers. If a player gets a yellow or red card, his shirt number comes off your card
League Predictor
Pick where you think each team will finish in the Premiership. payouts at December 31st & end of season
Sweet 16
on any given match day just predict the teams that will score EXACTLY 16 goals

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