This is the complimentary website for our main app, OFFSIDE THE APP [download the app here],which is where you will find our bespoke, original football games.

Each game varies in length from one day, to a whole season and are played against global players, but can also be set up in your own mini leagues to play against friends, family, work colleagues or your sports team mates. there is no limit to the amount of mini leagues you set up and coins and XP gained go towards your own progress.

Each player starts of in a junior league and progresses through AMATEUR, DIVISION 4,3,2,1, CHAMPIONSHIP, PREMIER LEAGUE, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and WORLD CUP LEAGUE.

OFFSIDE the app” games explained

All these rewards are multiplied by the players level (eg junior league= x2, amateur league = x3, and premier league would be x9).

Players Leagues are: Rookie (x1 multiplier), Junior (x2), Amateur (x3), Division 4 (x4), Division 3 (x5), Division 2 (x6), Division 1 (x7), Championship (x8), Premier League (x9), European Champions League (x10), World Cup League (x11)

Each game play earns XP, which goes towards upgrading levels

Coins have no value except in game. Coins can be purchased, XP cannot be purchased, This is to ensure that people can’t pay-to-progress.

In-game coins have NO REAL-WORLD VALUE and cannot be refunded or redeemed outside of these games.

All competitions are globally competed, but individual leagues can be set up for friends, family, work colleagues or sporting teammates. These are at a cost of £1 per league (not per player) and each player is limited to starting a maximum of 10x leagues, and joining a maximum of 10x leagues.

MY TEAM PREDICTOR duration: 1 calendar month

(entry 50 coins x players multiplier)                                     

My Team Predictor

This is a calendar-based game, you have to predict the results and scores of YOUR favourite team for a whole calendar month. Your score is based on YOUR predictions and NOT on your team’s performance, so even if they lose you could be a winner…IF you guessed the result and/or score correctly. Just predict the results & scores for each game

Correct result for every game = 25x coins

Correct score for every game = 25x coins

Correct result AND score for each game = double 50×2 =100 coins

Each correct result and score = multipliers (eg 3x correct results AND scores = 3x times coins already earned.

If every result & score is guessed correctly for the month then there is an additional x3 multiplier.

SELECT 7            duration: matchday or weekend

(entry 50 coins x players multiplier)  

Select 7

Each week there will be 7 random games, Just predict the scores for each game

Correct result for every game = 25x coins

Correct score for every game (even if the wrong way round) = 25x coins

Correct result AND score for each game = double 50×2 =100 coins

Each correct result and score = multipliers (eg 3x correct results AND scores = 3x times coins already earned. ALL 7 correct results and scores = double multiplier 2x(100 coins x 7) = 1400 coins, x a players individual multiplier).

LAST MAN STANDING Knockout competition, duration: up to 25 weeks. New games will start each week regardless of whether a previous one had finished and a player CAN play multiple games.

(entry 50 coins x players multiplier)  (in red is a dummy run)

Last Man Standing

Games are restricted to a maximum of 100 players.

Pick one team from the premiership who you think will WIN this week. Win and you go through to the next round, draw or lose and you are out…BUT…the team you pick will come off your list of available teams. The longer you are in, the more points you earn and the more coins you can win. If no Premiership games that weekend then cup games or internationals. New competitions can be started weekly whilst other ones are still running.

SCORERS & SAVERS   duration: matchday or weekend

(entry 10, 50, 100 or 250 coins x players multiplier)            

Scorers & Savers

A simple game, where a player picks 1 team to score and another team NOT to concede a goal on a given matchday.

This would be a simple bet-style formula where a player can choose how many coins he wishes to bet and if successful will get 5x the amount back, with XP earned in relation to the coins.

Options would be:           10 coins, 10 XP     50 coins, 50 XP     100 coins, 100 XP      250 Coins, 250 XP

                                                                with multipliers applicable

YELLOW CARD BINGO duration: matchday or weekend  

(entry 50 coins x players multiplier)             

Yellow Card Bingo

Just pick 9 numbers (1-30) for your bingo card

These will be your numbers for your exclusive bingo card

All football players will have a squad number on their shirt

During featured matches any player who gets a yellow or red card will be marked off your card, complete the card to win

By end of matchday(s)   5 correct numbers earns 50 coins, 6 correct numbers earns 100 coins, 7 correct numbers earns 200 coins, 8 correct          numbers earns 350 coins

                    FULL HOUSE  9 correct numbers earns 500 coins

LEAGUE PREDICTOR duration: one season, split in 2 [Dec 31st & end of season]

(Entry 100 coins x players multiplier)    

League Predictor

This would be a season long game based on mid-term and finishing positions of every team in a division/league. A player can check on their progress but that would feature lots of adverts.

+20 points for each team in its correct position, but minus points in proportion to their wrong position of each team. Also, a bonus of +50 points for guessing the bottom 3 teams in any order (in the correct order would total 110 points) (points are then converted into coins 1:1+1XP)

The points would be calculated on December 31st and last day of the season

ENTRY FEE would be at the level of the player at the START of the competition, but rewards would be based on the players league at the time of the 2 stages, 31st December (11.59pm) and the day after the final day of the season.

SWEET 16  duration: matchday or weekend

(entry 50 coins x players multiplier)                                           

Sweet 16

On any given week a player has to pick as many teams as they like who they think will score EXACTLY 16 goals in total, regardless of who they are playing. For example if Tottenham are playing Norwich and a player doesn’t think Norwich will score then they would only select Tottenham from that match (and guess at how many goals they might score). If the next match was Manchester United v Arsenal and the player thought both teams would score then they can select either, or both the teams…and so on until they think they have selected enough teams to score EXACTLY 16 goals. Rewards would be 250 coins

……MORE GAMES are currently in the design & testing stage.